Cebu Webmaster


A webmaster is someone who creates and manages the content and organization of a website. Behind the successful running of websites are experts who do maintenance tasks and other essential roles. A general term that would refer to these specialists is a webmaster.

Duties and Responsibilities:


As a Webmaster, you don’t have a strong focus on any of the aforementioned areas. About 20% of the time you spent maintaining the existing site.
New offers and aspects of our site are going up all the time, the focus of the site is sometimes rethought, improved graphics are created which require changes to multiple parts of the site, etc. All of these changes are ongoing and they each require that someone has a good idea of where the site is going, and what items fit where.


Another 30-50% of the time is spent in project development. Create and maintain CGIs for the site, and so you have to learn C programming. Many sites use Perl as their scripting language. Different sites will use different code bases or platforms.


This is a vital role of any webmaster; to keep the site running smoothly, without any fault, webmasters will constantly test your site for functionality, ease of use and load of time. They ensure that content on the website is easy to understand for the target audience. If there are any complaints from users, they assess the situation and perform corresponding solutions.

Server Maintenance

The operations team that is devoted to keeping Web server machines up and running. As a webmaster, your job includes keeping the server up and running You are also responsible for adding new MIME-types, checking the server load, and making sure that there are no obvious problems on site

Release Engineer

One of the most vital duties of a webmaster in the team is being the Release Engineer. This is where you need to develop and run the scripts that move the web pages from the development server to the production server. It is also part of your job to maintain the source code control system to prevent bugs from entering into the HTML codes.