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Technical Support

Technology can bring innovation, value and a competitive advancement to your business. Our technical support can help in developing infrastructure to improve operations and reduce unnecessary costs.


We can simply define Technical Support as a user-friendly assistance for individuals having technical problems. It is the fundamental understanding of the use of technical knowledge related to computer whether hardware or software, and applying these knowledge in line with technical profession. With this knowledge in hand, they can troubleshoot problems that a user is experiencing.

The market is moving on to another level and so is its consumers. Business owners are struggling to attract consumers both online and offline, increasing their operational costs to meet the customer expectations. The continuous demand for internet-based products is encouraging entrepreneurs to improvise and innovate in their processes in every single detail to create a distinct difference between their competitors.


Technical Support for Hardware, Software, and System Issues.

Go2DesignLab can provide technical services “ON-CALL, ON-SITE”. With a telephone call to the support department, or plan for a site visit.

Also offered software upgrade or equipment replacement, in accordance with the existing price list. Our technician will be prompt and equipped with a set of Hardware and Software tools to solve your problem; Software Upgrades, System Troubleshoot, Back up System, Hardware and Software Installation.


Go2DesignLab is an integrator of networked computer systems. We design, sell, install and support complete networks solutions for small to mid-size businesses as well as larger companies. In addition, we provide systems consulting and analysis, endpoint defense, incorporate innovative application security, content security, policy enforcement and secure, network monitoring technologies.

Go2DesignLab can design and implement the best performing, most cost effective network system to fit your business needs.

At Go2DesignLab, we understand that every customer has unique needs. The customer is always part of the design process from start to finish.


Be aware that networks are threatened by an ever-more sophisticated array of worms, viruses, intrusion strategies and more.

We are knowledgeable for which Antivirus, Anti spyware, E-mail & Spam Filtering and Firewalls our client will need. We don’t use a certain product because it is popular.

We will help you keep your data and communications safe and available at all times. If your network security has been compromised due to intruders, denial of service attacks, worms or viruses, we will get your network back up and running and ensure your network is secure in the shortest time possible.

How we can do it

Go2DesignLab is devoted to have you the best possible experience with our Technical Support team, whether you just started with your business or needing an extra hand in upgrading your system. Rest assured with your technical problems! For our team of experts can give you a professional response to all of your support needs. Here’s how our Technical Support works:

  • We first record our customer’s contact information.
  • Record the details of the costumer’s request.
  • Classify the customer’s request.
  • Determine the supportability
  • Prioritize the request
  • Resolve the request
  • Confirm the resolution and close the request.
  • Ensure good service

When you bring Go2Design IT services on board for your company we bring you this:

  • Cost Effective Fees – We offer affordable fees that can customize our services to exactly what you need by providing you a predictable cost for any business size or budget.
  • Effective IT Solution – We do not stop our services for just setting up or planning, we are consistent in making sure you will have less downtime when unexpected happens.
  • Increase in Productivity – we prevent it by preventing the problem before it happens, so stress level down and your employee's productivity up.
  • Availability – regardless of time and holiday hours, we will make sure that we will be available to service your urgent needs

Don’t Stress out about network failures, virus issues. Let us prevent things by happening with our round the clock monitoring of your network and computers. We want to provide you with exceptional support for your business valuable assets.

Whenever your network is down, it is a loss revenue. We have the solution. Our IT team will work very hard to get your system to be back on track.

To save time, we can also use our remote IT Services to have your problem fixed in no time. This is one of our alternative solutions to save you time in waiting even longer to get your network up and running. We are able to plug-in your machines and network.

We can plug-in to your network and machines remotely, making it easier for us to fix your issue with ease and speed.

Keeping up with the change in our technology in this generation isn’t an option. You need to keep your customers to have the best experience with your business, and maintaining the image to further reach your customer’s expectations.

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